Tracy Butler-Martinez


Tracy Butler-Martinez is the founder and originator of Cornerstone Energetics, an energy modality for the purpose of Ascension. Through this energy work, she has helped Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, and other high vibrational people permanently activate and attain higher levels of consciousness; heal traumas from their present, past, and future lives; and prepare them to realize their personal soul missions.

Tracy is also the founder of Ascension University, where she teaches classes, workshops and lectures regarding the Ascension of humanity and how each individual can heal; activate their unique set of talents; clear contracts that no longer serve them; release, balance and integrate their shadow selves; and utilize their gifts, as well as become fully empowered and embodied to take on the roles each has chosen.

Tracy became aware of her abilities at the age of 5, and since then has been on a spiritual journey that has run the gamut of enlightenment and conscious awareness. She grew up a devout Christian and learned the power of prayer and connection to the Holy Spirit. As she prayed for people, God would bring her words of knowledge to heal people’s hearts and minds, the underlying causes of their physical ailments. When she was 22, she was guided to leave the church for the next level of spiritual understanding and found herself, instead, in spiritual limbo, seemingly disconnected from God, religion, and everything she had grown up knowing.

In 2011, while attending the Universal Light Expo, Tracy received Reiki for the first time. The energy felt so similar to what she had been practicing as a Christian that she knew she had to learn more. In September 2012, she was attuned to Reiki Master Teacher and spent the next several months developing and practicing with her Master to become proficient in the art.

The next phase of her journey brought her to a group called Oneness. This was the first time she had come across a group that spoke about Ascension and what it meant: the ladder to Enlightenment! Tracy found this extremely attractive and dove in headfirst and had many magical and amazing experiences that helped her develop her natural abilities as a psychic and medium. She also learned many other modalities including Quantum Touch and Access Bars, and also became a Chios Master.

In 2017, Tracy was guided toward the next part of her mission: an energy modality that would utilize many of the skills she learned as an energy practitioner, plus her mediumistic capabilities to channel a different kind of energy modality; one that would not only heal the body and the layers of the aura, but work on a multidimensional level, all the way to Source.

Tracy was shown bondage implements on the etheric level of her body, then shown them on others she tuned into, and then she was shown how to remove them. From there she came to understand that these implements were related to contracts, traumas, and other experiences that kept her locked away from loving herself and others and from being fully embodied and empowered to complete her soul’s missions. This modality came to be known as Cornerstone Energetics.