Multidimensional Healing


Activate, Heal, Uplift

Lightbody Metamorphosis

The Lightbody Metamorphosis is an activation of your aura. Also called, merkaba, quantum field, or lightbody, this is the energy field that surrounds your physical body and connects you to the Spirit realm. It is your spiritual travel vehicle, and it is what makes it possible to visit the Astral Plane, check the Akashic Records, communicate with loved ones who have passed on, run healing energy, and receive messages from our personal Spirit Teams. Learn More

Multidimensional Healing Sessions

A Multidimensional Healing session connects you with Source, the point of Oneness, and from that point, all things are possible. You will be exposed to unlimited amounts of energy that is universal, yet tailored to your individual needs, as your soul gives you exactly what you need in that moment in time. Learn More

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