Multidimensional Healing Certification

Dates: 8/8-8/9/2020; Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-2 

Location: The Heartwell Institute, 1015 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 01602

GPS Address: 10 Biltmore Road, Worcester, MA 01602

Turn at the lights onto Moreland Rd and take immediate left onto Biltmore. Drive to the end. The Heartwell Institute is at the end of the block. Parking wraps around the house. Come in the 3rd door.

Accommodations: The Heartwell Institute has a few rooms for rent, and you can soak in and enjoy the beautiful energy that will be permeating our class and the whole house. If you choose to stay, we recommend booking for Friday through Sunday or Monday.

Lunch included on Saturday; water and snacks provided

Cost: $333; deposit $111

Max number of students: 4

Minimum Requirement: Lightbody Metamorphosis; one Multidimensional Healing session (included in tuition)

Previous energy work is helpful, but not required. The energy will meet each student where they are at, and each will receive what they need.

Course Description: Multidimensional Healing is a no-touch energy modality focused on spiritual healing as a means for greater healing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is a full spectrum modality, meaning it utilizes all of the frequencies available in the entire universe in every dimension of time and space. The practitioner works with the client’s soul to determine which frequencies to utilize and helps them release blockages from their body and energetic field. This allows for healing to occur, not only on the 3D/5D plane, but on all levels of consciousness.

Multidimensional Healing works on every level of the recipient’s being, tracing back the issue to the root cause and clearing it from the entire system. Every session leaves the recipient in a permanently higher state of consciousness, as the practitioner assists them with releasing contracts that no longer serve; outdated beliefs and patterns; and stuck emotions and trauma. Through this deep karmic releasing, clients may experience heightened states of relaxation, bliss, joy, or even spontaneous physical healing.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Connect to the part of your soul that exists at Source
  • Use your unique spiritual talents to pinpoint and release issues and blockages from your client
  • Further develop your innate intuitive abilities
  • Heal yourself

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