Multidimensional Healing


Please note: All sessions are being done via distance, either through Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

Multidimensional Healing Session 15 minutes

Price: by donation

Multidimensional Healing Sessions use full-spectrum, multidimensional energy to connect with the client. This means that the practitioner is not only working within the auric field of the client, but also in all dimensions of time and space through and up to Source.  Through this process practitioners are able to get to the root cause of issues, which may be karmic in nature, or found in a higher or lower dimension than the client currently exists.

It allows an issue’s energy to be “unwound” from the etheric body and drastically reduces the impact on the client. It can also clear and heal etheric wounds, tears, and other types of “attachments” that previously were not accessible by other means.

The practitioner uses an intuitive approach, working with the client’s personal Spirit team and guides to assess what needs attention during the session. This is psychic surgery at its finest, leaving the client more whole than when they came in. This takes energy modalities one step further by clearing the whole being on a multidimensional level and lifting karmic debris from every part of the person in the past, present, and future!

Clients may feel a range of sensations, including tingling, vibration, or energy being pulled from them, as well as emotional and physical releases. The effects may continue for up to three weeks after the session.

People who have received a Multidimensional Healing session have experienced some or all of the following:

  • Spontaneous physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Clearing of karmic blockages on multiple levels
  • Releasing of fear frequencies, more peace of mind
  • Life issues resolve themselves with little to no effort
  • Positive change within oneself, easier to access heart-centered thoughts and feelings

A session takes about 15 minutes and can be done in person or via distance, from anywhere in the world.

Energetic Exchange

Everything must have an energetic exchange and balance. We want everyone to be able to afford this amazing service, so we have made it “by donation”, but that doesn’t mean it’s free. Your practitioner took time out of their day to give you an amazing session; please compensate them accordingly. If you have true financial need, donate what you can, and if $1 is too much, your session is free.