Lightbody Metamorphosis


Session Time: Instantaneous

Cost: $1,111 Free

The Lightbody Metamorphosis is an activation of your aura. Also called merkaba, quantum field, or Lightbody, this is the energy field that surrounds your physical body and connects you to the Spirit realm. It is your spiritual travel vehicle, and it is what makes it possible to visit the Astral Plane, check the Akashic Records, communicate with loved ones who have passed on, run healing energy, and receive messages from our personal Spirit Teams.

To experience life in 3D, we had to limit our abilities to communicate with Spirit, and, essentially, cut ourselves off from full connection to Source. Our chakras had to be clipped and capped, confining us even further into a finite, limited energy field that can only sustain us for a few hundred lifetimes. The Lightbody Metamorphosis: 

  • Reestablishes your energetic connection to Source, allowing your chakras to heal and fully expand to the size they once were, and giving you access to infinite energy with unlimited spiritual growth potential 
  • Accelerates your karmic path exponentially. You will instantly drop 51% or more of your karma and begin to shed your remaining karma like crazy. All the little things that held you back will begin to dissipate, and even the big things will begin to resolve with more ease and grace
  • Fully activates the 3rd through 12th strands of DNA, which are related to our level of Consciousness
  • Expands your aura from 6 feet (2m) around you to 100 feet (30m)

You will become a negative ionic generator (a human salt lamp!), able to transmute lower frequency energies, not just from your own field, but from those around you. You will begin to entrain others to your high vibration and help raise the vibration of the whole human race.

Tracy is an extremely sensitive empath who suffered with anxiety and depression for most of her adult life. When she discovered she was an empath, she realized that much of what she was experiencing wasn’t her own. When she received her activation and expanded the size of her aura, she found that much of what she had previously felt dissipated before it even reached her conscious awareness. All those lower vibrational energies she had been picking up from the outside world were being cleared instantly, and she felt safer, happier, and more at peace.

People who have received the Lightbody Metamorphosis have experienced some or all of the below:

  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Increase in intuition and development of intuitive gifts
  • Breaking through difficult situations with work, life, and family
  • More control over their own life
  • Increased feelings of worthiness
  • Spiritual gifts are maximized, and greater clarity in spiritual communication is established
  • Contentment and peace, a feeling of neutrality and steadiness of emotions
  • Greater sense of purpose/discovering their soul mission
  • Connect with the creator collectives of their soul lineage
  • Unlock the ability to integrate higher aspects of their soul spontaneously, as directed by their Higher Selves at Source

Why is it free?

Every person deserves the opportunity to release themselves from the wheel of karma and karmic debt, no matter their financial status. Every person is a part of the Whole, the One, God/Goddess, Creator/Creatrix, and as such, we are all individually the One in and of ourselves. We are the reflection of each other, and what we put out into the Universe is what we receive back. The more people who choose to heal themselves, the more humanity is healed, and we are able to achieve Critical Mass for humanity’s Ascension.

Energetic Exchange

Everything must have an energetic exchange and balance. The energetic exchange for receiving this service is that you make a commitment to heal yourself–spirit, mind, and body. By making this commitment, you agree to heal the world and humanity by uplifting yourself. Nothing else is required of you; however, your commitment will be upheld.

Your karmic path will be accelerated exponentially, and you will shed karma like an animal sheds its fur in the spring. Situations will come up for you to be resolved, and you will need to choose the highest vibrational choice to move through them, the choice to release fear and embrace unconditional love.

Having said that, your Higher Self at Source will be determining the order in which you resolve things, based on your personality and level of conscious awareness, for the purpose of expanding your conscious awareness. It will never be more than you can handle, and once you’ve made this commitment, you will find yourself completely supported in both the physical and spiritual worlds, according to your needs. Always.

How often do I need to receive the Lightbody Metamorphosis?

The Lightbody Metamorphosis is a permanent activation. You only need to receive it once.

What do I need to do to prepare to receive the session?

Agree to the energy exchange explained above. As soon as we receive your booking info, we will send it to you. The session is instantaneous and requires no preparation, only your willingness to heal yourself.

Go into the session with the sole intention of receiving exactly what you need at that moment in time, and you will be given exactly what you need. Saying this intention is highly recommended, “I’m ready for whatever puts me on the highest vibrational path at this moment in time.”

Do I need to be awake to receive my session?

No; it will be just as effective, whether you are awake or sleeping. Either way, it’s up to you. You can also be at work or watching TV or out with friends, and it will still be effective.

What can I expect after my session?

The healing of the chakras can be an intense process, especially if you have incarnated several hundred times. It is common to feel a sense of loss and have small bursts of sadness, anger, joy, bliss, and other emotions as your chakras heal, balance, and come into homeostasis.  It is common for Ascension symptoms to begin manifesting or intensify, as well. This process is guided by your own soul at Source, the point of Oneness in the Universe. Everyone will have a different experience. For some, this process may last about a month, and for others, it may be years, whatever was agreed upon in your soul contract.

Is the Lightbody Metamorphosis appropriate for the terminally ill, elderly, children, and others who have not or cannot give consent?

The short answer is yes. Since the practitioner is connecting with the individual’s soul at Source, and their Higher Self at Source is the one determining exactly which frequencies they receive, It will determine if the session is permitted or not. The energy will be received in the order and fashion that is most beneficial for the individual. In the case of a child, it may wait several years until the child is ready or activate immediately. In the case of the elderly or ill, it will only give them what they can handle physically, mentally, and energetically; it may reach them earlier in their current lifetime; or maybe even in their past or next lifetime. Remember, there is no time or space at the point of Source, and everything works out perfectly!

How do I book my session?

You can book your session below. All sessions are done via distance, and a practitioner will send you energy at the time you choose.

Can I book a session for someone else?

Individuals who are capable and of legal age must book their own session. If there is some reason the individual is not able to book their own session, such as they are a child, severely ill, or live in an area that doesn’t have internet, please email with their name and day and time they want to receive, and they will be scheduled. Please be respectful of the practitioners’ time and energy and only book those who truly are not able to book for themselves.