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Judithann Walz is a teacher, writer, motivational speaker and medium. She began her career as an English teacher and has lived all over the world. While residing in Thailand she learned the art of meditation and inner peace. It was in the heart of Bangkok that she discovered the world of divine energy and how synchronicity molds and forms our relationships with others. Later, she moved to Saudi Arabia and honed her skills of meditation and intuition as she navigated everyday life. For example, each morning she grounded her classroom and imagined the space filling with divine light and when she taught, Judithann imagined each student enveloped in unconditional love.

When she returned to Massachusetts in 2015, she studied Reiki. After becoming a practitioner, she studied telepathy and read books on quantum physics and multidimensional healing. This led her to a deeper understanding of the universe.

In June 2019, Judithann left her teaching job to pursue her business – teaching others how to write and get published. It was a leap of faith and trust that Divine had a higher plan for her. In October that same year, she attended a wellness retreat in Sedona, Arizona where she received the Light Body Metamorphosis from Tracy Butler-Martinez. This healing changed the trajectory of her life.

Using her intuitive skills, Judithann assesses clients’ needs before offering them healing. She offers Love Healing and Multidimensional Healing, as well as blending in her mediumship skills.