Diluti is a speaker, writer, and teacher of the spiritual arts. She uses energy work, spiritual counseling, and practical exercises to help her students release trauma, embrace Unconditional Love, and remove obstacles that keep them from discovering and achieving their purpose in life.

Born into an ancestral lineage of natural mediums, Diltui’s talents became apparent at the age of five, when she asked God to be the first Sunday School helper at church. She heard the answer, “Yes”, and when it came time for the teacher to randomly choose a name out of a hat, Diluti’s name was called. This event cemented her faith in God and pushed her to form a deeper connection with the Divine.

Over the years Diluti’s relationship with Spirit began to expand as her gifts came online. They served her well when she began taking Reiki classes (which felt like what she had done at church) and achieved her Master/Teacher attunement in 2012 after 10 months of intense practice. Even then, she did not know what she was preparing for.

In 2014, she received her first Oneness Blessing in a local group. During the session, seven beings formed a circle around her and told her they were going to teach her how to become enlightened. Diluti agreed and began her study of Ascension.

She found a modality called Marconics, specifically designed for Ascension. Diluti was inspired and wished for an even greater and more intimate connection with Spirit. Every night, she would run energy sessions on herself and had some amazing experiences with beings from both higher and lower states of consciousness. Through these experiences, she was taught how to counsel herself and released great amounts of trauma from herself.

In March 2017, Diluti was asked by Spirit to channel and develop an energy modality with the purpose of removing blockages from people’s energetic fields. As the modality developed, it began incorporating the Ascension elements of Marconics; connection with the Divine from Oneness; and the free, intuitive movement of Reiki to form Multidimensional Healing. Multidimensional Healing is an energy modality that helps to repair and heal the recipient’s soul in all levels of reality throughout time and space. Learn More.