Cornerstone Apprentice Mechanic Training 2/29-3/1/20

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Dates: 2/29-3/1/20; Sat. 9:30-6 and Sun. 1-5 

Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch with Gluten Free options included on Saturday

Cost $200

Minimum Requirement: Lightbody Metamorphosis (Learn More)

Course Description: Step up your energy practice with a modality built for the Ascension Period. Energetic needs for clients are growing and changing, and the energy modalities that were once very effective may not have the same impact they once did. The reason for this is energy modalities that were channeled before 2012 each work on a specific set of frequencies built for the 3D merkaba. Rapid acceleration and growth in the general population has led to the expansion of our energy force into the 4th, 5th, and even higher dimensions.

Cornerstone Energetics energy utilizes all of the frequencies available in the entire universe, filtered through the client’s own connection to Source. This means no matter where your client is at energetically, they will receive exactly what they need at that moment in time, every time, for deeper healing, more growth, and spiritual freedom!

Since this energy modality connects at Source, it also means unlimited spiritual growth potential for yourself. Every time you give a session, you receive one, and it will help you unlock and unblock your own pathways to expand conscious awareness and spiritual gifts in ways you may not have thought possible. Once you are attuned as a practitioner, it will carry over into your other modalities, enhancing them and making them more powerful than ever.

Unconditional Love is the key to the Ascension of humankind. As we raise our vibrations and those who work with us, they will continue the Love spiral out into the world, entraining the whole human race to the frequency of Unity Consciousness. Whether you are a seasoned pro or this is your first time learning an energy modality, it will benefit and promote healing from within and empower and equip you to work with your clients.

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