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Become an Ascension Mechanic 2/29-3/1/20

Become an Ascension Mechanic 2/29-3/1/20

Step up your energy practice with a modality built for the Ascension Period. Energetic needs for clients are growing and changing, and the energy modalities that were once very effective may not have the same impact they once did.

Cornerstone Energetics energy utilizes all of the frequencies available in the entire universe, filtered through the client’s own connection to Source. This means no matter where your client is at energetically, they will receive exactly what they need at that moment in time, every time, for deeper healing, more growth, and spiritual freedom!

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11:11 Cosmic Gateway Results and Free Energy Offering

11:11 Cosmic Gateway Results and Free Energy Offering

There has never been anything like it before in human history. A mass Awakening is occurring on a scale that is unprecedented. After all the millennia of struggle, pain, fear, and guilt, there has come a turning point in the direction of humanity. There has been a call for peace, a letting go of the animosity that keeps us trapped in those qualities that lead to our continual suffering.

On 11/11, as with every year, those who are aware of the energetic gateway that opens make their intentions for the year to come. This 11:11 gateway, the master number, a symbol of spiritual Awakening and rapid manifestation, was employed to bring humanity into the next wave of human evolution. A call was heard, a cry from the darkness to be lifted up and out into the light, so we may be healed, and the very next day, with the moon full in Taurus, our spiritual parents took us in their arms and held us fast.

Taurus rules the throat chakra, the part of us that communicates with those around us. The throat chakra is also a portal to the 5th Dimension, Unity Consciousness, the letting go of all judgement, pain, fear, and guilt. Taurus brings in the energies of stability and groundedness, being one with the Earth and with each other and with solid ground beneath our feet. In this coming year, massive changes and shifts will occur on our world, but instead of feeling like we’re floating and being pushed about with the ever changing winds, those of us who called out as individuals will be met with security and comfort, even in the most trying of times.

It’s not too late to make that choice. It’s never too late to call out and ask for help from the deepest parts of your being. This is not necessarily a calling out to a divine being to save you; rather, it’s a calling out to the part of you that is connected to All That Is, however you define it, to help you heal yourself. There must be a desire from within to change your circumstances to allow the healing energies to reach you. You must grant permission, and only then can the Awakening within take place. Only then can you begin to heal.

Will you allow yourself to be healed? Would you be willing to trust that if you called out, even from the deepest darkness, you would be heard?

All it takes is one little change, flipping the switch within yourself to allow receiving. Many cultures throughout the world believe giving is more important than receiving, but we wear ourselves out and end up having nothing to give. We must receive to give; we must heal ourselves before we can heal others. If the deepest calling within you is to heal others, then you must be willing to examine and heal yourself enough to have the energy to give.

If you are ready to heal your chakras, aura, quantum field, Lightbody, connection to All That Is, etc., the Lightbody Metamorphosis can help you. And it’s Free! Click the link to learn more and book your one-time, permanent activation and healing session.

With love,


Calling All Lightworkers!


There are few moments in history when a people are truly able to shine, to lift themselves up with their own strength and power, built on love. This moment is occurring now, and you are an integral part of the plan.

Will you heed the call? Will you choose to raise yourself up, remember who you are, where you’ve come from, what your soul’s purpose on this planet is, and fulfill your destiny to become the truest form of you? This is something each and every human is capable of doing. In this age called the Ascension Period, this is what you were born to do.

Many beings have come here from many places (not all of us are human, yet we reside in human bodies). We have each been sent from our peoples of origin to this planet with the express purpose of helping the Human Collective Consciousness raise its vibration and achieve Critical Mass for Ascension into 5D. Each of us made a solemn vow to overcome the obstacles that were created by the opposition (those who do not wish to see humanity Ascend), but many of us have become stuck, mired down in the trappings and trauma that have been inflicted upon us over many lifetimes in this density.

There is hope! There are ways of clearing the trauma, the doubt, the confusion that surrounds our missions and purposes. The cruel trick of the opposition was to leave our mission directives intact enough to feel the pull, hear the call, yet not have the resources to see our missions through. We exhaust ourselves lifetime after lifetime, seemingly running on a hamster wheel, trying to build up enough momentum to overcome our obstacles, but seeing our plans go nowhere. We try to help others, as per the call, but we don’t have the strength or energy to see them through. Lifetime after lifetime we choose the life of service to others, and we run ourselves ragged, sacrificing our own needs for the sake of others. There is hope!

First, we must heal ourselves, give our own bodies, minds, and spirits what they need to operate at the highest level possible. We must reestablish contact with our races of origin to find guidance and support, updates to our directives, and call for assistance as needed. Only then, after we have begun the healing process and spent time learning about why we are truly here will we be ready to serve the people we so dearly love here on Earth.

Take that time, dear one. Discover who you are, and release yourself from all those things that keep you out of alignment with your true purpose. Raise yourself up! In this time there is no need to sift through all the baggage you have accumulated. Instead, make the decision right now to cut your work in half, accelerate your path to clear the rest quickly, easily, gracefully, and with the full love and support of your soul lineage, spirit teams/guides, and Source. We have long since exceeded the Quickening; we are now in the full blown Ascension Period, and those who are waking up now and those have been on the path all their lives have the opportunity to fully align with themselves, their path, their mission(s), their soul lineage, and their Higher Self at Source.

Everything is coming together, beautifully and perfectly. Will you join us?

Love and Blessings,

Cuorilachenai of the seven families