The Lightbody Metamorphosis is a one time activation of your Lightbody. Activations can be done all at once or in stages, depending on what your spiritual goals are and how quickly you want to move through the stages of spiritual development. They all work together, activating the merkaba at each density level, so if you chose 8D as your first activation, you would not need to get the 5D, as it will need to be activated to get the energy flowing to your 8D Lightbody.

The 12D will switch on all three Lightbodies and allows for the smoothest transition through the dimensions surrounding Earth, releasing stuck karma, stories, collective memories, etc., with much more grace and in the order that creates the highest outcome for your soul’s journey.

The total price of all activations together is $1,111, so if you begin with the 5D or 8D activation, you will only pay the remainder of $1,111 total for the 12D. For instance, if you begin with the 5D activation, you will only pay $222 for the 8D or $778 if you want to skip straight to 12D.


Lightbody Metamorphosis-12D Creator Consciousness Connection 25 minutes


The Lightbody Metamorphosis is an activation of your aura. Also called merkaba, quantum field, or Lightbody, this is the energy field that surrounds your physical body and connects you to the Spirit realm. It is your spiritual travel vehicle, and it is what makes it possible to visit the Astral Plane, check the Akashic Records, communicate with loved ones who have passed on, run healing energy, and receive messages from our personal Spirit Teams.

To experience life in 3D, we had to limit our abilities to communicate with Spirit, and, essentially, cut ourselves off from full connection to Source. Our chakras had to be clipped and capped, confining us even further into a finite, limited energy field that can only sustain us for a few hundred lifetimes. The Lightbody Metamorphosis: 

  • Reestablishes your energetic connection to Source, allowing your chakras to heal and fully expand to the size they once were, and giving you access to infinite energy with unlimited spiritual growth potential 
  • Accelerates your karmic path exponentially. You will instantly drop 51% or more of your karma and begin to shed your remaining karma like crazy. All the little things that held you back will begin to dissipate, and even the big things will begin to resolve with more ease and grace
  • Fully activates the 3rd through 12th strands of DNA, which are related to our level of Consciousness
  • Expands your aura from 6 feet (2m) around you to 100 feet (30m)

You will become a negative ionic generator (a human salt lamp!), able to transmute lower frequency energies, not just from your own field, but from those around you. You will begin to entrain others to your high vibration and help raise the vibration of the whole human race.

Tracy is an extremely sensitive empath who suffered with anxiety and depression for most of her adult life. When she discovered she was an empath, she realized that much of what she was experiencing wasn’t her own. When she received her 5D activation and expanded the size of her aura, she found that much of what she had previously felt dissipated before it even reached her conscious awareness. All those lower vibrational energies she had been picking up from the outside world were being cleared, and she felt safer, happier, and more at peace.

People who have received the Lightbody Metamorphosis have experienced some or all of the below:

  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Increase in intuition and development of intuitive gifts
  • Breaking through difficult situations with work, life, and family
  • More control over their own life
  • Increased feelings of worthiness
  • Spiritual gifts are maximized, and greater clarity in spiritual communication is established
  • Contentment and peace, a feeling of neutrality and steadiness of emotions
  • Greater sense of purpose/discovering their soul mission
  • Connect with the creator collectives of their soul lineage
  • Unlock the ability to integrate higher aspects of their soul spontaneously, as directed by their Divine Selves at Source


Lightbody Metamorphosis-8D Collective Consciousness Connection 25 minutes

USD $555/$222

The 8th Dimensional Lightbody Metamorphosis connects the individual with the collective consciousness. This is a higher vibrational path than Unity Consciousness, and this process activates the 6th, 7th, and 8th DNA strands, as well as the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Access to the Collective Consciousness grants us a better understanding of our people as a whole. In this state, we become one being, one mind, and one body. We are still able to maintain individuality, yet we are also an integral part of something much larger.

When you are connected to the 8th Dimension, your path becomes clearer. Your soul mission and purpose are more apparent. You will be able to connect with the Collective Consciousness and receive guidance and direction in a much more concrete way. It makes discovering your life’s purpose much easier.

Every person exists in multiple vibrations of consciousness at one time. In fact, we exist in every vibration at one time. However, access to those vibrations are limited by our 3rd Dimensional body until we reach a level where we can sustain and contain it within our flesh body without dying. DNA activation provides the means for the incremental raising of our vibration to be able to access higher levels of consciousness.

When you receive the 8D Lightbody Metamorphosis, you will experience everything in the 5D activation, plus continue to expand your consciousness to the higher collective level. This will enhance everything mentioned in the 5D Lightbody Metamorphosis and be a much more intense and comprehensive experience.

People who have received the Lightbody Metamorphosis-8D have experienced some or all of the below:

  • Greater connection with the collective consciousness
  • Greater compassion for humanity and desire to assist in improving their well-being
  • Greater sense of purpose/discovering your soul mission
  • Greater sense of responsibility and ownership for one’s actions
  • Marked increase in intuitive abilities and development of new abilities
  • Building trust within oneself
  • Increased feelings of worthiness
  • Release from fear of authority and corrupt power structures
  • More control over their own life
  • Contentment and peace, a feeling of neutrality and steadiness of emotions

If you are ready to become who you’ve always known you are, this is the fastest and most efficient way currently available on the planet. It is an extremely intense and very individualized experience. The activation period may last longer than 30 days, depending on what your specific needs and missions are.


Lightbody Metamorphosis-5D Unity Consciousness Connection 25 minutes

USD $333

The Lightbody Metamorphosis-5D creates stable and permanent access to 5th Dimensional energy by activating the 5th Dimensional Lightbody template. It establishes the Quantum Merkaba, the next level of spiritual travel vehicle, able to go farther and experience the universe in more clarity and depth. This activation occurs on the DNA level (the 3rd, 4th, and 5th strands are completely activated) and permanently raises the level of consciousness in the individual to be able to experience Unity Consciousness, the next level of human evolution.

Unity Consciousness is the vibration of unconditional love. In this vibration we experience freedom from judgement, and all are accepted as they are. People work together, using their inborn talents, to create a stable and healthy society where one serves all, and all serve one.

As a 5th Dimensional being, your outlook on life may change, and difficult situations may seem easier or even dissipate on their own with little to no effort. These changes may happen over a period of time or may happen spontaneously, depending on the individual.

People who have received the Lightbody Metamorphosis-5D have experienced some or all of the below:

  • Peace of mind
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Increase in intuition and development of intuitive gifts
  • Feeling joy and happiness more frequently
  • Freedom from fear and embracing love
  • Breaking through difficult situations with work, life, and family
  • A renewed sense of passion for life
  • Discovering new passions and life purpose

Once you have received your Lightbody Metamorphosis, your will be freed from the “Wheel of Karma”. You will no longer accrue karma and will begin the process of shedding whatever you have left at an increased and rapid pace. You will begin to release those things that no longer serve you in your new vibration.

This may lead to feelings of loss, sadness, or emptiness (nothingness) as your body and energy fields shift, change, and expand. There may be a period of numbness or feeling like the things that used to interest you no longer do. This is incredibly common, and you are not alone. As you get used to and grow into your newer, larger Lightbody (about 30 days, sometimes a little longer), these feelings will dissipate; or you will realize those things no longer serve you, and you will let them go.

Once the Lightbody Metamorphosis is complete, you will have access to the entire universe, unencumbered, and you will have the freedom to make whatever you want of your life. From this point, you will have unlimited spiritual growth potential during this amazing time called the Ascension Period, a 2,000-year period of alignment with the Galactic core. The energy waves that are currently washing over the planet from the Galactic Core are meant to help raise our vibration, and with your Quantum Lightbody turned on, you will be able to take full advantage of this energy!