Waking Up to Your Power

Message from the RA collective:

People of the earth, this is a message from your beloved creators, the ones who you call the RA collective. Though we did not create the human blueprint form, we are creators, in a way, of your kind. Many thousands of years ago, after the fall of Atlantis, our people were called forward, from distant realms, to assist with the progression of mankind. It was determined that the best way to move forward was to limit your ability to progress spiritually by clipping and sealing your chakras into the forms that you currently see in your charts, the conical shape.

3 Dimensional Chakra System

Before this time, your chakras were spherical in nature and operated as a multidimensional energetic circulatory system.

Multidimensional Chakra System

Despite your progress during the last Ascension cycle, however, your people fell into war, using energetic technology against your own selves to slaughter your brothers and sisters. This had been the 6th cycle and the most progression that had been accomplished since your race became ensouled 150,000 years ago. This is a common theme among your people: using your power to destroy others for your own gain or your own belief systems, feeling threatened by those around you, instead of taking your neighbor’s hand and allowing them to find their own way.

This abuse of power led to a collective memory that energetic power is dangerous. It reminds you still that your power is something to be feared, instead of to be embraced with love.

So many years ago, your kind made a decision to use your power to destroy. Now, as we move into the new Ascension cycle, your power is returning. Many of you are beginning to activate, whether you want to or not, and the collective memory is returning.

This, however, does not have to be a case of history repeating itself. Waking up to your power and making the personal choice to use it in a way that benefits humanity is always an option. You can use your power to help others, instead of harming.

What brought your people down last time was choosing to divide yourselves. Instead of division, choose diversity, that all people may live their lives as they choose, as long as they do not break the laws of nature. Do not murder; do not steal; do not harm another being for your own benefit. Love one another, and do unto them as they would like to have done unto them. Respect each other’s differences, not as something to be feared, but as a beautiful expression of the Infinite Love of is All That Is, whatever name you choose to call it.

Use Your Power for LOVE!

All is Love; Love is All. The differences among yourselves are small compared to the sameness that is the human soul. You are all born from the same Golden Light Love of your creators. It projects down into the 3rd Dimensional flesh body you have chosen for your journey in this lifetime, a perfect expression of your soul for your specific missions and directives.

The greatest directive, above all others, is Love Each Other. All other missions spring from this one directive. Let go of judgement of others and of yourselves. There is no sense in beating yourself up for your past mistakes; they are in the past and cannot be changed. All that can be changed is your choice now to not make the same mistakes again. Create a future that is bright and full of Love. Put down your defense mechanisms, the modes you use to keep yourselves separate from each other, and come together.

This we speak to you with all love and affection, to a most worthy race of beautiful Love beings.

With all honor and respect, Osiris of the RA collective

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